Sgt James Gray (left) with Sgt Leon Tenebruso (right), circa 2000

3/1 Weapons Company 81's Platoon


As an avid pool player, I'm always trying to improve my own game.  I enjoy educating myself on anything I don't already understand, so when the thought of changing the weight and balance point of my cue came to mind while playing a league match one night, I set out to invent a better mid-adapter than any version on the market.  After multiple prototypes and player testing, I released the production model in June of this year to an unexpectedly receptive market.  Many lessons learned, and mistakes made; but doing what it takes to keep my customers happy by providing a truly innovative product has been the bedrock of our success so far, and will continue to drive Chaser Gray to the forefront of not only the billiard industry, but every other venture in the future.  I hope you enjoy the CUE-MAX and that it helps to improve your game as it has my own.

- James Gray (founder/owner)


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