CUE-MAX™ Mini: add-on adapter
  • Designed to convert the CUE-MAX Uni-loc pin to any other thread type offered in all adapter models
    • Only compatible with the CUE-MAX Uni-loc pin type in all adapter models
  • Adds 0.25” (10mm) and less than 0.3 of an ounce (10g) to the base adapter
  • Available in both polished aluminum and anodized black finishes
  • Example:
    • CUE-MAX Omni 3/8x10 pin to Uni-loc shaft; add CUE-MAX mini Mezz Wavy pin
    • = 3/8x10 pin to Mezz Wavy shaft
  • Allows players to change their thread pin from one thread to another of any of the thread types offered
    • Available thread types
      • 3/8x10
      • 3/8x11
      • 3/8x14
      • 5/16x14 (also compatible with Mezz United and Schon)
      • 5/16x18 (now compatible with Viking Quick Release)
      • Radial
      • Mezz Wavy

CUE-MAX™ Mini: add-on adapter

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$14.99Sale Price
Thread Pin


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